Media - 2012

Article from the Backpax magazine

"Tuscany welcomes around 10 million visitors a year; the narrow streets bustle while its countryside remains free and flowing. Known for gorgeous landscapes, vineyards and idyllic town squares, the area is seen as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Having been home to the lakes of Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Galileo  only illustrates this. It is currently home to six world heritage sites, such as Cathedral of Pisa, from which choirboys sing to the heavens. Covering 23,000 square kilometers, it may seem inevitable that you'll miss something, but thanks to Tuscany on a Budget, no matter how empty your pockets, the region is yours for the taking."

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Media - January 7, 2013

Interview from She loves to travel

"I am from the Chianti region, I grew up here and I am fully in love with Tuscany. That’s why when I guide my tours I try to pass the energy and the passion I have for this land. I tell stories about the locals, I teach the local expressions so that our passengers can experience Tuscany from a local point of view in a funny way. We are never boring on our tours and we are never too detailed in giving information about the history of a place or of a monument. I have a deep knowledge of my territory so that’s why I am focusing on Tuscany."

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iGap Travel guide

Read the article about Tuscany and all its beauties from a local point of view.