Irene -  Owner and Founder

Irene has a degree in foreign languages and she can speak fluent English, French and Italian. She lived in England for 3 years and in 2005 got a job as a tour guide for a student company travelling around Europe. During this time she realized that she loved guiding and she went back to Tuscany, where she comes from,  to start her own tours for young travellers to Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and Chianti.

Since 2007 Irene is taking people to her beautiful area and she is crazy in love with the Tuscan food, wine and the scenery. In 2012 she has launched a new trademark called italy on a Budget tours with the idea to offer tours to independent travellers on a budget across Italy.

Irene's hobbies: Traveling around the world as a backpacker, looking for new ideas for new tours and pizza and chianti wine lover!



Alessandro - The Canadian trouble maker

Alessandro was born in Canada but grew up in Florence and living with his own eyes the famous Italian culture. Coming from a multicultural family, he had the luck of learning fluently 4 languages and with that he travelled a lot in Canada, Venezuela and Europe to find and learn about his world wide family.  In the end he stopped looking around and understood that Tuscany was it, that's when Irene found him.

Now he lives in the heart of Florence and works  since 2010 at sharing his love for art, wine and beatiful landscapes with other people at Tuscany on a Budget.

Alex's hobbies: looking for the real love, writing books on his spare time and using his bicycle to discover every corner of the city.



Daniele - The heart breaker

Daniele is a 26 years old Florentine and very proud of it!

After spending his life in Florence, he decided to move to Australia to experience a new culture for 2 years. He finally came back to Florence to finish his study in history of art and he became a licensed tour guide.

Now he is working for Tuscany on a Budget and he is enjoying so much to finally teach to the tourists what he has learnt during all these years.

Daniele's hobbies: Tasting Chianti wine when ever he has some time off work with friends, have fun in Santa Croce,  attending art exhibitions and making his body super fit in order to make his bike tours unforgettable.